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Your OC into Realistic Style
Coloured Traditional Drawing,
HIGH QUALITY and accuracy,
depicting your OC.


Frodo  by ShwetaS94 Frodo :iconshwetas94:ShwetaS94 4 0 Tyrion Lannister by ShwetaS94 Tyrion Lannister :iconshwetas94:ShwetaS94 3 0 Aragorn by ShwetaS94 Aragorn :iconshwetas94:ShwetaS94 2 0 Legolas Sketch by Shweta Sarangale by ShwetaS94 Legolas Sketch by Shweta Sarangale :iconshwetas94:ShwetaS94 4 0 MERRY PIPPIN TREEBEARD by ShwetaS94 MERRY PIPPIN TREEBEARD :iconshwetas94:ShwetaS94 2 0 Eowyn  by ShwetaS94 Eowyn :iconshwetas94:ShwetaS94 4 0 Camping  by TaraMartin Camping :icontaramartin:TaraMartin 1 2 Sketch. Men's soft hat and suit. by belitromed Sketch. Men's soft hat and suit. :iconbelitromed:belitromed 2 0 Unfinished scribbling. by belitromed Unfinished scribbling. :iconbelitromed:belitromed 2 0 Miho(Monster Super League) by belitromed Miho(Monster Super League) :iconbelitromed:belitromed 2 0 Original character. by belitromed Original character. :iconbelitromed:belitromed 5 0 Nya-Tan (Anime 'Etotama') by belitromed Nya-Tan (Anime 'Etotama') :iconbelitromed:belitromed 4 0 Grandfather's face in winter. by belitromed Grandfather's face in winter. :iconbelitromed:belitromed 2 0 Original character. by belitromed Original character. :iconbelitromed:belitromed 5 2 Plant Monster. by belitromed Plant Monster. :iconbelitromed:belitromed 2 0 Original character. by belitromed Original character. :iconbelitromed:belitromed 1 0

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Israeli Beauty 3 - Simha, Israeli Soldier by Yom-Tsiur Israeli Beauty 3 - Simha, Israeli Soldier :iconyom-tsiur:Yom-Tsiur 34 4 Israeli Beauty 2 - Gabi Zayetse by Yom-Tsiur Israeli Beauty 2 - Gabi Zayetse :iconyom-tsiur:Yom-Tsiur 40 5 Israeli Beauty 01 - Eden Cohen by Yom-Tsiur Israeli Beauty 01 - Eden Cohen :iconyom-tsiur:Yom-Tsiur 54 7 Maria Ephaistien ( 3rd ):  Dive into My Eyes by Yom-Tsiur Maria Ephaistien ( 3rd ): Dive into My Eyes :iconyom-tsiur:Yom-Tsiur 50 14 Alexandra Orlova - Writer from Belarus by Yom-Tsiur Alexandra Orlova - Writer from Belarus :iconyom-tsiur:Yom-Tsiur 44 13 Chinese Girl 2 - Smiling to You by Yom-Tsiur Chinese Girl 2 - Smiling to You :iconyom-tsiur:Yom-Tsiur 75 19 Commission: Siriel (Siri) from NimwenSiradon by Yom-Tsiur Commission: Siriel (Siri) from NimwenSiradon :iconyom-tsiur:Yom-Tsiur 60 8 Bald Chibi by Merindity by Yom-Tsiur Bald Chibi by Merindity :iconyom-tsiur:Yom-Tsiur 42 8 Chinese Girl Studying by Yom-Tsiur Chinese Girl Studying :iconyom-tsiur:Yom-Tsiur 86 24 Maria - Ephaistien - Second: The Elf by Yom-Tsiur Maria - Ephaistien - Second: The Elf :iconyom-tsiur:Yom-Tsiur 70 60 Maria - Ephaistien ( first ) by Yom-Tsiur Maria - Ephaistien ( first ) :iconyom-tsiur:Yom-Tsiur 68 35 Your OC in Realistic Style - Commission! by Yom-Tsiur Your OC in Realistic Style - Commission! :iconyom-tsiur:Yom-Tsiur 47 17 OC Carso, by Sopotamadre by Yom-Tsiur OC Carso, by Sopotamadre :iconyom-tsiur:Yom-Tsiur 57 29 Kpop School Looks - For Kreydus by Yom-Tsiur Kpop School Looks - For Kreydus :iconyom-tsiur:Yom-Tsiur 50 19 Acrobat from Lithuania by Yom-Tsiur Acrobat from Lithuania :iconyom-tsiur:Yom-Tsiur 64 25 Angelica, from Brazil by Yom-Tsiur Angelica, from Brazil :iconyom-tsiur:Yom-Tsiur 92 16


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In October, Me and a few friends will organize the 2nd Cancer Awareness Bald Character Contest. Please donate points to be part of the Prize for The Winners!

Em Outubro, eu e alguns amigos organizaremos o Segundo Concurso de Personagens Carecas, em Apoio a Pessoas com Câncer. - Por favor, doe alguns pontos, para que sejam parte do Prêmio para os Vencedores!

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Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
40 Years Old
Traditional Art Style


Israeli Beauty 3 - Simha, Israeli Soldier
The land of Israel is full of young heroes, who attend to their duties as soldiers. Military Service counts on the courage of all the young men and women of that country.
An example of this valuable force is Simha, 20 years old. In her uniform, we can read "Hamishtara Hatsvait", The Police of The Army.

Watch this serious, but gentle and pretty young woman at her Instagram Page:…

Watch my other Israeli Soldier drawing: Israeli Soldier Praying with Tefilim by Yom-Tsiur

Beleza Israelense 3 - Simha, Soldado Israelense
A terra de Israel está cheia de jovens heróis, que cumprem seu dever como soldados. O Serviço Militar conta com a coragem de todos os rapazes e moças daquele país.
Um exemplo dessa valorosa Força é Simha, 20 anos de idade. No uniforme dela, podemos ler "Hamishtará Hatsvaít", A Polícia do Exército.

Veja esta jovem séria, mas gentil e linda em sua página do Instagram:…

Veja meu outro desenho de Soldado Israelense: Israeli Soldier Praying with Tefilim by Yom-Tsiur
Israeli Beauty 2 - Gabi Zayetse
The beauty of he young Israeli woman Gabi Zayetse. Elegant swimsuit pose, in the middle of the Israeli Summer.

Take a look at the Original Picture:…

Beleza Israelense 2 - Gabi Zayetse

A beleza da jovem israelense Gabi Zayetse. Postura elegante em traje de banho, no meio do verão israelense.

Veja a foto original:…
Maria Ephaistien ( 3rd ): Dive into My Eyes
Maria Awsejkowa, the delicate and beautiful model, 
the artist behind the wonderful gallery of Ephaistien.
Come, dive into her eyes.

Maria Awsejkowa, a delicada e bela modelo,
a artista por detrás da galeria maravilhosa de Ephaistien.
Venha, mergulhe nos olhos dela.

  Hey friends!  

It is TAG Season!     

I think it is refreshing, after the Cancer Contest (guys, it was so stressing, that I will need to sleep a little!). And I have been tagged by Merindity ! And I felt super happy!

1.Write the rules. (Or copy and paste them, whichever you prefer.)
2.Write 13 things about yourself.
3.Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.
4.Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know that they are tagged.
5.Don't say ''You're tagged if you read this".
6.It is forbidden not to tag anyone.
7.Tag backs are allowed.
8.If you don't make this tag in a week, you need to obey a wish of the person who tags you.

13 Things about me:

1 - I am an old guy, I am 40 years old, and I think it is quite funny to be here sometimes. When DA asked me to complete my Profile, I found the question "What is your favorite Game System?" What if I answer "ATARI 2600"? It is impossible to hide or pretend your age, but, in my opinion, the wisest thing is to use the best of all ages: The wisdom of the elders, the happiness of the younger ones.

2 - I like to interact with people, "of all the ages and all the genders" and I love when people interact with me. Friendship is an important thing for me, but it have to be USEFUL.

3 - I started to draw at the age of 24! So, boys and girls, when I was at the age of many of you, I simply drew nothing. Because of necessity of my job, I fell in love with visual arts, after many years only writing, and communicating throught words. It is amazing that our voices, what we want to say, cannot only be read or heard, it can also be seen! :) (Smile) Today, I do not agree that "only a physical thing can be seen; while what can be heard is always less tangible (sounds, words, opinions)". IT IS POSSIBLE TO DRAW FEELINGS, TO MAKE THEM VISIBLE!

4 - My drawing style is realistic. I am self-taught, and I always drew for my job. I started to draw for pleasure and sronger improvement only a few months ago. I always need a model, personally or, as mostly happens, in the form of a photo. The reaction of a person seeing my drawings is something special. It is very strong and emotional for me.

5 - I study human anatomy, externall and internal. I will study it eternally! It is a passion, the human sculpture.

6 - I am not sexist. I don´t like much even the anatomy of the genitals. I don´t like to draw sexy poses or nude. I don´t like to talk themes related to sexuality.

7 - I like to cook. I like to invent new meals, always combining vegetables fried with a minimum of oil and a very specially  prepared meat. Lots of herbs of delicious smell! I love cooking! I like to prepare sauces and soups, to put something in a big pan or a stock pot and boil for 12, 24, 72 hours. I am studying how to make desserts. I eat meat ( sorrym veggies! ) but not much. And the meals I prepare don´t make people get fat. 

8 - I have once been obese, but I lost 46 pounds with a very special help of my best friends! Now I am lean and I cultivate the many discoveries that our group of friends found out.

9 - I am an enthusiast of The Arts of The Knights and Gentlemen. This art is called Chivalry. I study and improve and try harder and harder to become a gentleman. The Gentleman must show physical strenght to make tasks at home and serve as a handyman; always be available to serve the family and to his girl. A Gentleman must develop inteligence, both intelectual and emotional, to embrace his female (in my case. of course, there are people who prefer a male) partner and transmit safety, reliability. Well, friends... I study that, I admire this art, BUT I did not reach the results I want in myself. :) (Smile)

10 - I do not have time to play Video Game!!! I must clean the house!!! So, don´t ask me if I have played Pokemon Go or Minecraft. :) (Smile) RPG??? Who am I, hahahaha!!! I would need 100 years of life!

11 - I am the happy father of 3 daughters! I love my girls! 

12 - I really love to ride my bike! I even gave her a female gender and a name: "Savta" Me and Savta take pleasant rides very often. It is delicious to hear the silence when I can ride my bike in a natural place.

13  - I am ambidexter. I write and draw with my both hands. The best hand is the right. Sometimes I make the lineart with right hand, and coloring with the left at the same time. 
Sorry! I said too much! Men speak about themselves all the time! Extreme OMG Okay, I stop!


Merindity ´s Questions:
I wanted to have 100 people like Merindity around me! We could change the entire world!

1. How did you come up with your Deviantart username and what does it mean?

Yom-Tsiur means "Day of Drawing" in Hebrew language. I have chosen it because it sounds good at my ears, and combine with many of the usernames I see here. It´s a Hebrew name, affordable to my friends from Israel. It´s also related with the jewish expression Yom-Kippur, the Day of Atonement or Day of Forgiveness: an important religious holiday. Yom-Kippur is also the name of a famous war.

2. What would you like to improve at in the future?

I will always want to improve my ability to personal relationships of all kind (professional, familiar, friendships; personally and via internet). This is the most important thing in this life. And I always want to work on my difficulties of relationship. 

3. Cats or dogs and why?

Cats Diva Cat ! But I love them secretly. The love of my life don´t like cats. I like dogs too Puppy-love :D ! They are great companions, faithful, pure and sweet. I actually don´t have a pet.

4. What language would you like to be fluent in?

Hebrew. I have been studying for 6 years.

5. What's your worst school subject?

Not being at the school, hahhahaha!!! Whai hai thar :hai: I already finished my studies and I miss the classes, the classmates, the uniforms... When I was a student, I was terrible at chemistry and physics; Biochemistry was different!

6. What's your favorite drawing?

Sorry, Merindity, sweetie! I am in a moment which I am hating most of my drawings! Please ask me 6 months from now!

7. If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?

I would only choose to be an animal if the healthy habitat for animal life existed! Life is very bad for the animals these days! If I could be an animal with a natural healty life, I would be an elephant! They are giant, wise and gentle. And have great memory and capacity of communication. Along the fantastic animals, I would love to be a Pegasus winged horse.

8. What's your favorite song/any song recommendations?

Hard to ask an old person about favorite song! The answer is often a boring detestable song!!! :P (Lick)  Actually, I am enjoying israeli songs! Hey boys and girls! They are cute! They deserve a visit! You will not regret if you visit:
A Simple Love Song
The israeli singer Aya Korem sings a sweet love song
This I listen when I am running in the threadmill!
Definitely the Best Israeli love song!!! <3
Dramatic Rock and Roll about the endless Israeli wars, so stupid! And the life of a soldier! With English Subtitles
In time, folks, would you please give me an opinion about these songs?

9. What's your favorite food?

Fish or chicken with vegetables. Maybe in the Chinese Style! Yummy! FreeStyle also works!

10. What would you do if you won the lottery?

Buy a house for each of my 3 daughters. Then, I would spend 10 years in Jerusalem, studying The Torah, Art and Drawing at the Bezalel Art School, Agriculture of The Desert and the Nutrition of The Beduines.

11. Do you collect anything?

Pro Artists "collect" pencils and pens! I must accumulate 1000 pencils a year! All of the same colors that rest in the boxes! I donate to kindergartens near me. My collections don´t stay with me for much time. I give to friends, I give to charity or I give to the thrash can. Old things are often obstacles that difficult the arrival of the new things!

12. Do you play any sports/instruments?

I run 10 kilometers once a month, I ride my bike and I make workout 3 times a week. I have always been horrible at sports. I really appreciate people who play instruments, bur I don´t have this gift!

13. What's one thing you'll never do again?

See a person with any sadness or need and do nothing. I was very selfish when I was young. Suddenly, this fact became heavy in my heart. It is impossible to change the past, but we can change the present all the time. :cheerup: 

Are you tired of me???
Come back tomorrow! Mario Giving Flower Luigi Giving Flower 

But now, try to answer my questions! I hope I can make you laugh a bit! I will organize the questions in pairs!

1. What do you mostly need actually in your life?

and 2 . What do you want desperately to get rid in your life? What would you pay one million dollars to be free of? :) (Smile)

3. What was the noblest, fanciest and most pleasant food (and drink) you ever had?

and 4. Did you experience hunger? For how many hours... days... months... years? And why?

and 5. Did you eat shit? :) (Smile) When was the occasion that you came closer to eat shit?... the worst meal of your life?

6. What was the book you mostly love, which transported you to hights of happiness?

and 7. Did you read shit? :) (Smile) What was the worst thing you have ever read? Were you forced to read it? By whom?

8. What is in your opinion a beautiful and elegant person? Could you please describe him or her?
and 9. What do you intend to do, in order to have a good aging process until the end of your life?

10. Did you feel happy to find a great friend in life? What´s this person have of special? Who´s this person? Username?
and 11. Did you have a friend-shit? :) (Smile) Did you have any disappointment with a person? What happened? What was your worst occasion in personal relationship?

12. Did you have any master or mentor or source of inspiration? Who? Anyone like this on DA?
13. Children and fools tell the truth. Have you ever found an important teaching who came from the mouth of an innocent child, or even from that lazy crazy friend, often pointed as the jerk of the crowd? Tell us a bit about it...

Well people, this is it! Please give me feedback about this!
Have a hug!!!

And the Tag goes to...
:iconfrappe7: Frappe7 
:iconravenwood100: Ravenwood100 
:iconzoekhi: zoekhi 
:iconbodymuscleman: bodymuscleman 
:icon4eyes0soul: 4eyes0soul 
:iconbrother-proteus: Brother-Proteus 
:icondkw59: DKW59 
:iconsidlaux: Sidlaux 
:iconephaistien: Ephaistien 
:iconeuclase: euclase 
:iconjuiao679: juiao679 
:icondyingstar460: Dyingstar460 
:iconalexandraorlova: AlexandraOrlova 
:iconisadorrah: Isadorrah 
:iconmoonprincess-yumi: MoonPrincess-Yumi 
:iconaleexxy13: aleexxy13 
:icontuyetdinsinhvat: @tuyetdinsinhvat
:icongunnut51: Gunnut51
:iconawertonas: awertonas
:iconpechschwinge: @
:iconsailorbomber: SailorBomber 
:iconphilhellenike: @
:icongintautegitte69: gintautegitte69 
:icontechno99-david: Techno99-David 


Yom-Tsiur // 40 // Male

- Traditional Art, Professional -

"Colored Pencil on Paper drawings, high accuracy. Portraits, Models, OCs"

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